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Private Label Starter Kit

Private Label Starter Kit

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This package is for my boutique owners looking to start private labeling your products.

What is private label?

This is when you resell products manufactured under a different brand (ie. vendor, line, wholesaler) under your own brand.

Why private label?

Brand recognition.

Not only is it another touch point to visual aesthetics, but it encourages repeat customers. A customer that has purchased an item from you before will be reminded of your brand every time they see the item in their closet with your tag in it.

Protect your vendors. 

Unfortunately people do purchase from stores just to see who the vendor is. I've seen some people just removed the tags out of their garments leaving them to look unfinished, we aren't doing this.


What does the starter kit include:

1. Step by step guide on how to get started.

2. Design of 300 hang tags.

3. Design of 300 woven garment label.

3. Production and delivery of finished product. 


*Prices listed is starting price, may vary if use of specialty paper or custom sizes is needed.