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Vendor Share Group - One Month Signup

Vendor Share Group - One Month Signup

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Sourcing for your boutique can be an overwhelming task. You may find yourself second-guessing how you want to craft your next set of new arrivals and fall collections. I know you want to bring the best options to your customers, and I believe you can with the right resources.

Now, you can rest, and I’ll do the shopping for you.

Will I have access to vendors’ lists?

I’m taking it one step further. You’ll have access to new arrivals not easily accessible to others several days out of the week.

Will you help me choose different styles and pieces for my boutique?

Absolutely! In our vendor share group you will stay updated on new arrivals from vendors not easy accessible online and to new products found daily in the LA Fashion District.

Will I see the same items I see online?

When you limit yourself to only shopping on wholesale platforms, you see the same styles posted repeatedly or the same styles sold by other boutiques. Joining our vendor product share group is like having a personal shopper reporting the best of the best to your finger tips as they become available.

Registration open for 20 spaces to start June 5th!